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Latest Updates, Features, and Changes

We'd like to keep everyone informed of the latest updates, features, and changes on the site so everyone can take advantage of them. Check back regularly to keep up-to-date. If you have any questions, comments, etc. email us, and we will be happy to answer it or fix it.
  • Redesigned forums!
    • The long awaited redesigned of our forums has been released. While we have more work to do on them, most of the functionality has been completed. Some highlights of our new forums:

      • Much faster loading. We no longer load all threads at once so loading the forum pages should be noticably faster, especially for IE users.
      • Thread creation. You can now create your own threads.
      • View Latest Posts. You can now easily view and jump to the forums and threads of the latest posts.
      • View Your Latest Posts. You can now easily view and jump to the forums and threads of your latest posts.
      • We remember the last forum or thread you were viewing, so when you navigate back to the page, you are right where you left off.
      • Ajax option for faster page viewing. The default for navigating our forums is through standard links, but we give the ability and recommend everyone click on the 'Use Ajax version of forums for faster loading' checkbox. This will speed up navigation on the forums.
      • Links to user profiles, with profile images displayed in the threads. Want to express yourself or make your posts stand out? Upload a profile image and it will be displayed next to your posts.
      • Future enhancements will include bookmarking and subscribing to threads.

  • Gear, loot and mission search!
    • If you are looking to complete a mission and don't know where to get gear, what tab a mission is on or the loot, or the stats for a particular mission, just enter the search term you are looking for on our Gear, loot and mission search page and we will find it for you.

      Also, if you are looking for a particular piece of gear you can find it here. No more googling or posting in multiple forums and having people tell you to 'search for it!'. Please note, we only display a maximum of 200 records for any search results.

  • Ability to delete games from your profile!
    • We've added the ability to delete extra games from your profile. Be careful though, if you delete the wrong one you could delete your calculator inputs.

  • Partial release of chat!
    • We've released part of our new chat functionality. While you can't actually chat yet, you can open and close group and private rooms and see how the functionality should work. Feel free to provide feedback on what you like and don't like so far.

  • Emross War Game support!
    • We've added support for Emross War! From unit calculations to Devil Army lists to Emross War guide, we hope to make everyones gameplay in Emross War much better. It is still a work in progress, so feel free to provide feedback. We've also added a forum tab for Emross War also.

  • Editing fields improved in IE and Chrome
    • We recently noticed issues with how editing was working on the calculator pages for IE and Chrome. For example, you could not edit in the middle of a numeric only field. We have fixed that issue and others so hopefully everyones experience is better.

  • Some speed improvements
    • The calculator pages should load a little faster along with the Active Users list window opening up faster/cleaner. Your choice for the Gross Income refresh should also save now, although we still haven't incorporated the functionality with it.

  • Next 10 building purchases
    • We've added the ability to see, up to, the next 10 individual building purchases for income and defense, if applicable. Just mouse over 'Suggested Purchases' and a popup will show you what the next buildings to purchase are, including cost.

  • 'Buy All' buttons added
    • We've added 'Buy All' buttons! This will buy the number selected in the dropddowns for all real estate, although income and defense, if applicable, do have their own buttons.

  • Racing Live gear is fully functional
    • We've finished the modifications on the Racing Live recommended gear. It breaks everything down into the major types, and then lists in order what you should own, and only what you should own, taking into account the subtypes that have upgrades. Make sure to own and only own what is recommended. Everything in the list shown for your level is usable. We believe we have this 100% accurate and complete. Let us know if you see a discrepency. Note: We have not added a totals section yet for this calculator.

  • Equipment lists updated for all calculators
    • We've updated how we determine the gear for all calculators. We've completely re-written the code for this, although the major difference you will notice is if the same gear is best for attack and defense, it will only list the item once with the 'Best For' column having a value of 'Both'. Note: The Attack and Defense totals still are independant of each other, which means if you add them up, items will be double-counted as far as cost/upkeep.

  • Profile filter and image display
    • For all the users expressing themselves through profile images, users can now filter profiles to show only those with a profile image. Also, when a user mouses-over a profile image on the list, a larger view of the image will be displayed making it easier to browse the images.

  • Best ROI real estate highlighted
    • The best ROI real estate is now highlighted in red. If the game has income and defense real estate, the best ROI real estate for each will be highlighted.

  • Game codes are now much easier to read
    • For registered users, if you've ever had trouble reading the game codes on the game code pages, now when you mouse over either the 'Mark as added' or 'Flag as bad code', a much larger copy of the game code, along with more spacing, will be displayed along with a little more detailed information.

  • Easily see who, when, and where new posts were made
    • For anyone wondering when and where the last posts were without having to remember the count or clicking on each tab, now if you mouseover the count under the forum link, it shows you the last 8 posters, topic area, and date/time. If the post was today, it says 'Today'.

  • Remember me is fully functional
    • Remember me will now keep you logged in for 30 days on the same computer or cell phone. If you explicitly logout using the logout button, you will have to re-enter your password, but closing your browser after you are done, or using a cell phone to use the site will keep you logged in for 30 days.

      Note: You will have to logout and log back in for this to take effect. This is also only effective on the device(s) you login to. If you use 3 devices, you will have to do the same on each.

  • Mafia Wars
    • We've start adding Mafia Wars calculator to the site. If you play, feel free to check it out, although it is not complete yet.

  • Filter out already used game codes
    • Registered users can now filter game codes with a checkbox labeled 'Show only usable Game Codes' on the game codes page. When checked, it will only show game codes that you haven't used yet. The value will be saved in a cookie, so if you switch pages or come back the next day, it will remember your settings.

  • Quest Mastery and Quest details
    • We've added Mission Mastery rewards and Mission Details information including loot items, Money/Energy, experience/Energy and more. You can sort the columns to find the best experience or Money per Energy. You can also use the filter to search for a loot item. You can find the information in the Mission Details Tab below the calculator.

  • We've added 'Required Money for Suggested'
    • Required Money for Suggested represents the total you will need based on the Suggested buildings to purchase. So if you keep your money in the bank, this will tell you exactly how much to withdraw.

      Note: This value will change automatically if you change Money to Spend, or you change the ratio between income/defense, and as you purchase real estate with the Buy buttons. It will always be reflected of the current Suggested Purchase.

  • We've added the missing equipment to Kingdoms Live and updated the sort order on the units list
    • We've updated the Kingdoms Live equipment list to include all the purchasable equipment. We've also updated the order of how the units get displayed on all the calculators. All purchasable units will be display first, ordered by level, then loot and other items.

  • Registered users can now have more than one instance of a game linked to their account!
    • If you have multiple World War, iMobsters, etc. accounts and want to add game codes for each or you just want to have a spare calculator linked with your account, you can do it now.

      Go to your profile and select the game you want to add and click 'Add Game'. The selected game will be added to your list, which you can then edit the new row to add a new game code and give it a unique Save Name then go to your calculator. You can then easily switch between each by using the dropdown list that is above the game image.

  • You can now add Zynga game codes and Addmired game codes!
    • If you play games beyond Storm8 like Mafia Wars, Vampires Bloodlust, Race or Die, etc you can now add your game codes for those games, but you have to be a registered user to list yours.

      To add your game codes, go to your user profile and select the game you would like to add and click 'Add Game'. The selected game will be added to your list, which you can then edit the line to add your game information. If you include your game code, it will display on the game code page so other users can add it.

  • Remember me has been added!
    • If you are tired of having to enter your username, we've now added the remember me checkbox. When checked, it will remember your username so if you have to login again, you only have to enter your password. If you later uncheck it, upon successful login, it will not remember your username.

  • We've added more topic threads to the forums!
    • We've added more topic threads, World War, iMobsters, Vampires Live, Kingdoms Live, Racing Live, Zombies Live, and Rock Battle Live to the forums. These should make it easier to for game specific discussions.

      We will be expanding the capabilities of the forums in the future to allow for topic/thread creation. At that time we will add the other games.

  • Racing Live Cars have been added!
    • We've added the the cars for Racing Live, although we haven't added the car parts yet. We can add them, but the best for calculations would not be accurate.

  • Zombies Live Calculator, Rock Battle Live, and new tabs!
    • We've added the Zombies live and Rock Battle Live calculators! Links have been added to the homepage and header bar above.

      We've also added new tabs, Quest Items, Export Values, and Summary to the calculators, but haven't put the content in yet. They are located with the unit tabs.

  • Racing Live Calculator!
    • We've added the Racing live calculator! We haven't added cars and car parts yet, but you can use it for real estate purchases.

  • New buildings and properties
    • We've added the new buildings and properties for World War and iMobsters! Also, the new units and equipment will be added soon. We are still waiting on some details for those before we add them.

  • Slider bar saves.
    • Sliders bar position/values will now save and restore when you return. So if you are going 100% defense, or like to go both ways, aka 50/50 :-), when you return to the calculator it will keep your last setting. Note: Each calculator is independant of each other.

  • Forgot password functionality.
    • For those of you who forgot their password, and we won't mention any names, we have completed the 'Forgot Password' functionality. Just click on the 'Forget Password' link and follow the instructions. Let us know if you have any issues with it.

  • Real income calculations.
    • We've added a Real income calculation based on your calculated income from buildings, land, slaves, etc and subtract it from your upkeep total that you enter to get your total real income.

  • Best unit/equipment/abilities totals.
    • This will give you totals for attack, defense, cost to buy, and upkeep across equipment types(where applicable). For World War, it should be identical values to the Best Units table since you don't use them by type, but the other calculators will reflect the summary results. See the grey table below the existing best equipment tables. Discounts are reflected in these totals.

  • Unit discounts and upkeep total!
    • We've implemented unit discount bonuses and added the upkeep total field. Unit discount should be 100% functional, but upkeep total does not perform any calculations yet, but it will save the value you enter.

  • Better Forum editor and more stats!
    • We've upgraded the forum editor so you should be able to type and express yourself better with highlighting, links, images, carriage returns, etc. We've also added more stats to the unit lists. Let us know if it is helpful or too confusing.

  • Express yourself! Drag and drop in profiles is now working!
    • Drag and drop is now working! You can drag images from your gallery to your profile image to easily replace your profile image. You can also drag images from your gallery to the trash can to delete images from your gallery. We've also updated the profile list to display(albeit small) your profile image as a link to your profile.

  • Game saving to your account is done. Level, allies and special field has been added to game codes.
    • Registered users data now saves to their account. Before making any changes to the calculators, make sure you are logged in. When entering data when you are logged in, your data will automatically save to your account. So if you enter your data at home, you can access and update the same information from your phone, a friend's pc, your work pc, etc!

      Notes: The first time you access the calculators after logging in, you will have to re-enter your data. This is a one time event. If you are not logged in, the calculators will revert to using cookies, which are only saved locally.

      We've also added level, allies and a special field to game codes. The level and allies comes direct from your calculator pages, so if you keep them up-to-date, your game code information will be also. Additionally we added an editable field we call 'Special'. This is for special information, for example, on World War you can put your country name.

  • Optimal income/defense building comparison and per unit defense benefit!
    • We've updated our calculators to calculate what your optimal income and defense(where applicable) should be based on the amount you have actually spent and compare that to what you currently own. You'll be able to tell instantly how much you are missing out on if you don't buy based on ROI.

      We've also added per unit defense calculations(where applicable) based on defense buildings, so you can tell how much defense your buildings give you per unit that you own and also against suggested purchase amounts. You can then use this to compare against the best unit calculations to see if your per unit building defense is greater than the attack power of the best attack unit.

  • Simple forum
    • We've added a very very basic forum page to the site to allow users to communicate with us and with each other. Please understand it is limited in functionality, but it does work. Only registered, and logged in users can post.

      Note: You will notice numbers in the navigation bar. These are cooresponding counts for these items. For example, next to Forum is the count of posts.

  • Dual Slider bar functionality
    • Instead of just one slider bar and the amount selected being used for both income and defense(where appropriate), you can now decide how much you want to go to income and how much to go to defense! As you slide either bar, both bars will move and show you the amount, with the remaining value going to the other bar. When you release the bar, the calculations on buildings will occur.

      So if you want 60% to be spent on income, move the income bar to 60% and defense will move to 40% and the calculations for both types of buildings will occur quickly and accurately. If you're not building defense at the moment, and only want to spend 30% of your money, just move your income bar to 30% and ignore the defense calculations. Enjoy!

  • Game code functionality added
    • We've just launched game code functionality! You must be a registered user to add your game codes, but any user can view game codes. To add your game codes, go to the profile page and click the link at the top of the page to go to your profile. Enter the game codes you are recruiting for in the table. Once your game codes are entered you can view yours and others game codes on the game codes page.

      Note: Since this was just launched we do not have many registered game codes, but keep checking back because we hope to grow the list quickly!

  • Inputting your data just got easier
    • Normally to move forward from field to field you have to use the tab key, which isn't always convenient. We've updated the calculators to allow you to use the 'Enter' key. Give it a try! Just enter the number of buildings you own and hit the enter key. Yep, we know, it's awesome!

  • Profile list and search
    • Now that everyone can create accounts, how do you find people? We've added a Profile List table to the profile page. You can see and search through the registered users and look at their profile images, latest update, etc. You will also be able to view their game codes when we add that feature to the profiles.

      Note, you can also find registered users using the Active Users window in the lower right corner of the screen. The screen name will appear and if they set a profile image, it will also appear. You can use the link next to their name to go directly to their profile. This applies only when the user is online.

  • Account Creation and Profile Editing
    • Everyone can now create their own account. Use the 'Sign Up' at the top right corner of the screen, or sign-up here. Benefits of account creation are your own unique username, ability to update your profile information, uploading images (ie game screen shots), set your profile image, adding your games codes, saving your game information(which will travel from computer to computer with you), ability to track which game codes you've already added so you won't repeat, and many other features to come.

  • Slider Bar
    • Don't want to spend all your money? With the slider bar, you can easily adjust how much you want to spend. Just click and drag the end of the slider bar and stop when you get to the right amount. Calculations are done after you release the bar. Need to adjust it more? Just move the slider again. You can do it as often as you need to.

  • Buy Buttons
    • Tired of having to manually update the buildings and money you have after every purchase? With the Buy Buttons, you don't have to anymore. Using the dropdowns next to the Buy Buttons gives you the same purchase choices as the game, but also includes the total suggested purchase amounts. Just select the number from the dropdown, click the corresponding Buy Button, and everything will be calculated and updated. It doesn't get much easier than that!

  • Support for World War, iMobsters, Vampires Live, and Kingdoms Live
    • Calculators and units are available and fully functional for all four games. Also includes unit information in tabbed format and best units to purchase calculations. All calculations are done automatically and accurately.