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World War Buildings Calculator - For help with this calculator and general game information :

Note: To hide our World War help guide, click on the button above labeled 'Click me to Hide Help Guide'. The current state of our World War guide will be saved on this computer or phone, so if you leave it open, it will be open. If you close it, it will be closed. You can always change the default state of our World War help guide.

World War Buildings calculator information:

Our World War Buildings calculator is designed to make your experience easy and profitable. All your World War calculator inputs are saved immediately. All World War Buildings calculations are done automatically, including best World War Units recommendations. You won't even notice the page is updating, except for the fact that your World War calculator data is refreshed based on your latest inputs. For registered users, your World War calculator inputs are saved to your account so you can access it from any browser on any computer or mobile device. For non-registered users, your World War calculator inputs are saved using cookies local to your device.

Instructions on how to use our World War Buildings calculator are below:

  • All input fields for our World War Buildings calculator are outlined in red. Use your mouse, tab key, or enter key to navigate to the appropriate calculator field and enter the value from your World War game account. Buildings calculations will be made automatically whenever you stop typing for about a second.
  • Income and defense, if applicable, World War Buildings are calculated based on the best return on investment (ROI). This means if you follow the recommendations for which World War Buildings to buy, you will make the most with your World War income. The current best ROI World War Buildings will be highlighted in red.
  • The slider bar(s) can be used to easily define how much of your Money you want to spend on income or defense, if applicable, Buildings. Our World War calculator adjusts your spending automatically as you change this value.
  • Under the 'Action' header are drop downs to select how many World War Buildings you are purchasing. The calculator defaults to the Suggested Purchase amount, but you can change it to any of the default game values. The corresponding calculator Buy buttons can then be used to purchase the selected amount. The total owned for the corresponding Buildings will be updated automatically on the calculator as well the cost deducted from your Money to Spend
  • When you're ready to spend again, just update your World War 'Money to Spend' value based on your latest World War data and repeat.
  • As you purchase World War Buildings, the page will calculate total spent on Buildings. The World War calculator will also calculate your optimal income and defense value based on money spent. Use this as a guide to see how much income or defense you may be missing out on.
  • Our World War Buildings calculator not only recommends purchases, but also calculates your current Alliance and Units limits so you know how many units to maintain and what you may be up against at your level.
  • Along with World War Units limits we calculate the best Units for attack and defense for your level and summarize the purchase costs and upkeep totals for each.
  • For World War Units discounts from completing quests, click the appropriate checkbox on the calculator and all calculations for Units will take into account the discount.
  • For a list of World War Units and for Mission mastery, Mission lists including loot items, see the tabbed area below the World War calculator. You can easily switch between tabs while staying on the page. On the Mission list, you can use the filter to quickly find a loot item, and can also sort on columns to find the best Money per Energy and Experience per Energy Mission.

World War leveling and income guide:

World War requires strategy and an understanding of the game to be the best. Some of the most common questions many World War players have and debate is about leveling. How fast should level in World War, how much income should you have for your level, should you level up to get the next income or defense Buildings. We will provide answers based on our point of view to these questions, but understand, there is not really a right or wrong answer.

Camping, farming, and cows in World War

  • Camping in World War means sitting and avoiding anything that will give you experience. You do this because you come to a realization that your World War income cannot support the Units you need and your leftover income is not enough to adequately increase your income and defense from Buildings. If you need to camp, the last thing you want to do is level. While missions may give you income, the best way to make money is to have income buildings making money for you, 24x7. While it may be a little boring, it is something every player has had to do from time to time in all Storm8 games. Our suggestion is to start playing one of the other Storm8 games. It will keep you a little pre-occupied while your current account is camping and building income.
  • Cows are World War players with good hourly income and weak defenses. This makes you a target for people to attack you regularly for your income, which is referred to as 'farming'. While cows can bank their income. Most players do not login enough to keep all their money from being exposed to farmers. Farmers are players who are taking advantage of the cows by attacking them for their money.

    One rule you need to know and follow from day 1 is to never post on someone elses wall in the game, unless you know them very well. This is because any posts on another players wall is a link back to you and that link can be used forever to attack you.
  • World War farmers are players who attack other players multiple times for income. Farmers use different strategies with varying levels of intensity. The casual farmer attacks other players several times a day and will try to remember names, but won't have hard links to players. If the cow attack backs, the farmer will use that link, but once it gets pushed off their attack message log, they will focus on other players. When they find someone giving good money, they will attack to their limit or the cows limit and then move on. Hard core farmers try to create hard links to cows, by hit listing them, or having links through their own mob members. Hard core farmers will repeatedly attack a cow several times a day, every day.

Why is it important to control how quickly and when you level in World War?

  • If you level too fast your World War income will not be able to support the increased costs and upkeep expenses that's required for the best World War Units to attack others and defend yourself. Additionally, Buildings continue to get more and more expensive and without good re-occuring hourly income, you will fall further behind other World War players at your level. One of the best ways to make Money is to have a lot of income Buildings, with purchases done efficiently using an ROI World War calculator like we provide. As we said even buying based on ROI, Buildings still continue to get more expensive, so you need to have an excess of hourly income to support leveling to new levels.

How do you know if you should level to get the next income or defense World War Buildings?

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure that you can defend against the best World War attack Units for the new level. To do this, on the World War calculator, change your level to the next income or defense Buildings you are targetting. Next scroll to the list of best Units and compare the gap between the best attack and best defense units. Next look at the per unit defense you are getting from your defense Buildings. If you are not covering that gap, we would recommend waiting until you can. In addition, make sure that you can afford the purchase and upkeep costs for the best defense Units for the new level.
  • Once you've determined that you can adequately defend yourself at the new World War level, the next step is to see if it is worth it financially. One rule of thunb we use is to change our level to the new level and compare the missed income or defense against our total income or defense. If the missed income or defense is 20% or greater then you should definitely level, otherwise you will be buying Buildings at a much lower ROI, which will slow down your income and defense growth substantially, especially with the missed value greater than 20%.

World War Alliance guide:

World War Alliance members and knowing how to use them effectively is a critical piece behind a winning strategy in World War. You'll need to know what they do for you, how many to own, and where to find them. We try to answer those questions below.

What do you need to know before adding World War Alliance members?

  • The level of players in your Alliance or what Units they own doesn't matter. They are just a number to you. You are responsible for equipping them for fights.
  • Each Alliance member will use the best Units available regardless of type. All Units can come from the same type. For example, if you are attacking and using 60 Units. If the top 60 attack Units you own are air, it will pull all 60 from air.
  • You can only use 5 times your level in Alliance members. You can have more in your Alliance, but in a fight you will only use 5 per your level, so if you are level 12, you can only use a maximum of 60 Alliance members.

What are the advantages of having World War Alliance members and how do you use them?

  • More World War players in your Alliance gives you a larger Alliance size, which when properly equipped by you means your attacks and defense are stronger so you win more
  • When you are in a fight, whether attacking or defending, the game will automatically calculate your attack and defense values factoring in your usable Alliance members and their Units. Remember, the Units they use is what you own, not what the Alliance member owns.

How many World War Alliance members should you have?

  • World War players are grouped into brackets which are groups with about the same number of Alliance members as each other. The bracket cutoffs for low levels are 4, 9, 14, 19, etc. Here are some examples and the advantages of staying at the top of your brackets:
    • A player has a Alliance size of 4 members. When attacking they can only see players with 1-4 Alliance members and only players with 1-4 Alliance members can see them. This gives them an advantage over anyone with 3 or less Alliance members
    • A player has a Alliance size of 6 members. When attacking they can only see players with 5-9 Alliance members and players with 5-9 Alliance members can see them. This puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with players with Alliance sizes of 7, 8, or 9 members.
  • For lower World War levels, under level 20, stick to 4 or 9 Alliance members. This keeps your purchase costs and upkeep costs lower. The higher level you are, the more Alliance members you should have, as long as you can properly equip them. This is because the brackets start to open up more, so someone as a level 40 and Alliance size of 9 may be seen and attacked by someone with 10-15 or more Alliance members.

Where do you find World War codes of Alliance members or how can players find your World War game code?

  • There are many places on the web to find World War codes. You may choose to add your World War code and let others add you, or you can find lists of World War codes and start entering those game codes into your game. Our World War Alliance game code page is a good place to start, with functionality most sites don't have.
  • Avoid sites and people that claim they have a cheat code. There are no cheat codes for Storm8 games. What they are trying to do is get you to add their game code. While not a terrible thing to do, adding someone that feels they have to lie and be deceitful is not someone I would want to add to my Alliance.
Your personal World War evaluation - To see our recommendations for you:
Listed below is our evaluation of the information you provided. It is only meant to help guide you. Your individual play style should override any recommendations we make here.
Per unit 0

Money to spend: Level:
Gross Income, every mins: 0 Alliance size: Max Alliance: 5
Upkeep:Usable Units: 30 Max Units: 30
Net Income: 0

Name Income Initial Cost Owned
Supply Depot100025,000
Weapons Factory16500800,000
Power Plant560004,000,000
Oil Rig27000030,000,000
Military Research Lab50000090,000,000
Nuclear Testing Facility700000150,000,000
Solar Satellite Network1200000500,000,000
Fusion Reactor14000001,200,000,000
Total Money spent on Buildings:0
Money spent on income:0
Money spent on defense:0
CostIncomeROIOwnedCostIncomeROIAmountBuy it
25,000 0 4.0e-20 25,000 0 4.0e-20
220,000 0 3.0e-2Refinery is not available until level: 2
800,000 0 2.1e-2Weapons Factory is not available until level: 8
4,000,000 0 1.4e-2Power Plant is not available until level: 12
30,000,000 0 9.0e-3Oil Rig is not available until level: 25
90,000,000 0 5.6e-3Military Research Lab is not available until level: 35
150,000,000 0 4.7e-3Nuclear Testing Facility is not available until level: 40
500,000,000 0 2.4e-3Solar Satellite Network is not available until level: 60
1,200,000,000 0 1.2e-3Fusion Reactor is not available until level: 90
Income 0     New Income 0      
Optimal 0     Increase 0        
Missed Income N/a                

Name Defense Initial Cost Owned
Guard Tower10300,000
Landmine Field5015,000,000
Automated Sentry Gun7536,000,000
Coastal Cannons100120,000,000
CostDefenseROIOwnedCostDefenseROIAmountBuy it
45,000 0 6.7e-50 45,000 0 6.7e-50
300,000 0 3.3e-5Guard Tower is not available until level: 5
850,000 0 1.8e-5Anti-Aircraft is not available until level: 10
4,200,000 0 7.6e-6Turret is not available until level: 15
15,000,000 0 3.3e-6Landmine Field is not available until level: 22
36,000,000 0 2.1e-6Automated Sentry Gun is not available until level: 37
120,000,000 0 8.3e-7Coastal Cannons is not available until level: 70
Defense 0     New Defense 0 Per unit 0
Optimal 0     Increase 0 Per unit 0
Missed Defense N/a                

Acquired 'Mercenary Arms Merchant' for 5% discount on Units:
Acquired 'Mobile Sustainable Brigade' for 5% discount on Units upkeep:

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